Garden Dedication

April 19, 2017 The Learning Garden was officially dedicated to Windermere Elementary School in a simple ceremony consisting of sponsors, volunteers and community members. The dedication occurred approximately one year after the first project began with the wood for the pergola being delivered. Read more on that here. Attendees included representatives from the Board of Directors for Orange County Public Schools, Principal Greer, Vice Principal Dr. Trawick, Mayor Bruhn, PTA President Michaal Rossi and former president Sue Ann Reichard, Windermere Garden Club, Winter Garden Bloom and Grow, Windermere Tree Board, Orange Observer. Sponsors attending included Millenium Grounds and Water, Skorman … Continue reading Garden Dedication

Father-Daughter Dance Herbs

April 17th, 2017 Beautiful herb centerpieces purchased at the Father-Daughter Dance earlier this month were transplanted into the Learning Garden this morning by PTA president Michaal Rossi and Treasurer/Web Designer Kevin Maxson. The herbs were donated by Lowe’s Winter Garden. Centerpieces were arranged by Greenery Productions. Thank you to our generous sponsors, families, and wonderful PTA. đŸŒ±đŸ’š Continue reading Father-Daughter Dance Herbs

Courtyard cleanup

January 12, 2017 We are back after winter break and found two wonderful volunteers to assemble the deck box for the courtyard Garden. Thank you Leo Oberting and Daniel Gunn! We have storage! Yayyyy! We also had two wonderful volunteers to clean up the courtyard of all the leaves that have fallen over winter break. During the process we found a wonderful monarch chrysalis. Thank you Mikaeli Zuza and Michele Magonigle! Continue reading Courtyard cleanup

Mulch and more

10/24/2016 We decided to lay mulch around the beds for several reasons 1) Prevention of grass and weeds (we didn’t want to mow, basically). Keep it low-maintenance! 2) We needed a surface that was wheelchair accessible, and although not ideal, it does the job. (I have been able to roll my stroller on to the mulch and it does get stuck occasionally.) 3) We could afford it! This really should have been up at #1. The area we needed to mulch was quite large — spreading around eight garden beds, the pergola which is 20 feet by 20 feet, and … Continue reading Mulch and more

First planting

January 20, 2017 The first veggies went into the ground at the Learning Garden! We have been working YEARS for this day. Thrilled to see this day arrive. The honor went to Mrs. Schultes 3rd grade class who measured correct spacing, dug the correct sized holes, and planted, then watered. What vegetables did they plant, you ask? Cabbages! Bonnie Plants provided all 3rd graders with tiny plants for their annual cabbage contest. Each student can plant, water, care for their plant and track growth. Winners can receive  $1,000, well worth the small effort! More Bonnie Plant Cabbage Contest information available here. … Continue reading First planting

Metamorphosis with Mrs. Gray

Windermere Elementary School hosted a school-wide “Teach-In” today where parents come into the classroom and discuss their profession and/or subject with the students. Judi Daley, naturalist and butterfly expert, spoke to Mrs. Gray’s class about metamorphosis in caterpillars and butterflies. Students held caterpillars, looked at literature, and even watched not one, but two butterflies emerge from the chrysalis! Continue reading Metamorphosis with Mrs. Gray