Huge thank you to Tom West Blueberries for the berry GORGEOUS entrance to the Learning Garden at Windermere Elementary School. We are so thrilled and blessed to have this local family-owned business support the garden. These beauties will grow large and fill together over the next few years. Just a reminder that U-pick season starts in April, so be sure to make room in the freezer for the healthy antioxidant rich berries to last you through summer. Although, my kids usually clean us out in a couple days! After watching these pros install the blueberry hedge border, I am inspired … Continue reading Blueberries

Mrs Kelley in the Garden

February 8, 2017 These third-graders were busy today! They planted several types of mint (sweet, peppermint, and spearmint), as well as dill and oregano and onion around the cabbages planted by Mrs Schultes’ class last month. Don’t they look SO much bigger in the few short weeks?   We also planted beet seeds. These went straight into mushroom compost. Finally, the students made wildflower “seed bombs” . Described by several students as looking like poop, these balls of dirt, clay and seeds will grow into showy Florida-native wildflowers. Hopefully students can remember to find a sunny spot in the yard … Continue reading Mrs Kelley in the Garden