Takeover Tuesday


Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for a blog take over and the first lucky participant in the WES Garden blog takeover is……. Mrs. Abel’s class! This amazing group of students have been keeping a worm composting project going. Let’s read what they have to say about it in their own words:

Matthew A- I think the worm cafe is very cool. We watched a video how to feed them and take care of them. I have not been picked, yet, to feed them, but they are very interesting. They have different levels. My class only has one right now. We feed the worms every Thursday or Friday and we got them around three weeks ago.

There are at least 5 steps to feed them. First you pour water on them, you make a little hole, next you put your food in, then you give them some grind [which is teeth],then you give them little bits of newspaper [to dry them off from the water], then you put on the big newspaper. Those are all the steps you need to feed the worms.


Nick- My class has a worm cafe/worm farm. We got it 3 weeks ago and a nice person named Mrs. Williams gave it to us. We also had to watch a few videos to learn how to feed them and keep them healthy.
1. Pour water on the worm farm.
2. Make a hole in the soil with a little rake.
3. Next we pour food in the hole.
4. We cover the food in teeth or grit.
5. We give them their towels/ shredded pieces of newspaper.
I like the worm cafe because it is fun to have in our classroom and it also cool to look at.


Kelli C.
Background: 3 weeks ago, Mrs. Abel’s class got a worm cafe (worm farm) and in my opinion, it stinks, no really… S-T-I-N-K-S!! Some people in our class like the worm farm, but some don’t — like me. Every Friday or Thursday Mrs. Abel picks two people in our class to feed the worms. One day, we had a stink bomb in our classroom. It stunk.

Here are the steps to feed the worms:

First, you put water on the worms and let them have a “shower”. Then you make a little bowl with your sprocket in the center. Next, you put all your food in (must weigh 5 lb.) Then, you put this thing called grits. That’s their teeth. Finally, you place towels on them so they can dry off. Then, the last thing is to put on the “blankie”.


In our classroom we have a worm farm. We feed the worms and give them a shower once a week. We got our worm farm about 3 weeks ago from Mrs. Williams. When I got picked to feed the worms I was so happy. It was an amazing experience. The first step is to take their blanket (which is made of newspaper) off. After that, we pour lake water all over the dirt. The next step is to make a bowl in the middle for the food. After that we put all the food inside the bowl. For food we have a lot a lettuce and veggies. Next we put grit on it. After that we put the shredded paper on it. The last step is to put the blanket back on them. Our worm farm is so cool. Let’s just say it’s worm-tastic.



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