October 19th, 2016

We have dirt!!!!!! ( and nutrient-rich mushroom compost)

Florida is basically made of sand. We had to bring vegetable-safe soil in to fill our 8 raised beds. Enter Zellwood Mushroom Farm. How do we get it from Zellwood to Windermere? Enter CCS, via Ashley & Kristen Rumble, who donated a large dump truck, driver, and compost!

It truly takes a village to start a garden.



Side note: real world math questions for kids. One raised bed measures 8 x 4 x 2. We have 8 total beds. How many cubic feet of soil do we need? Bonus points to convert it to cubic yards! Comment below 😊


We literally had a team of families working to try and deliver dirt for us. The Strickland Family was so kind as to deliver a small load of topsoil earlier this week. Colleen and Lavina Williams were on standby, as well. This huge dump truck saved us all the hassle and time of multiple early morning trips to a site 45 minutes each way.




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