First Volunteer Meeting


The first Garden Committee meeting was held in the cafeteria. We had about a dozen volunteers able to show up, with several more emailing their regrets and continued interest. So exciting! We are extremely fortunate to have a large volunteer base with over 100 volunteers, so now it’s time to organize ourselves and delegate. Many hadn’t seen the Learning Garden, nor the Native Plants and Pollinator Garden so we toured both, as well as the butterfly garden.



One of the exciting opportunities with our group is the vast experience and knowledge each person has, and is also ready to share with the group. This is a collaboration between chefs and horticulturist and marketing experts and educators and parents and grandparents…who all share the vision of a hands-on outdoor classroom that goes back-to-basics which really resonates with learners of all ages.



This is our beginning. We are taking baby steps, testing ideas, learning and building, making connections. Ten years from now I know that it will be growing in ways we never imagined.

One of my favorite authors, the late Ray Bradbury, once said “Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.” (Brown Daily Herald, 1995)

Here’s to jumping off points!


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