July 26th, 2016



Millennium Grounds and Water arrived today to install our irrigation system! Again, another generous donation to the garden…free irrigation!!! Thank you Millenium Grounds and Water, and Rob and Eddie Duvall and their amazing team. They not only hung in there with us through the looooooonnnnggggggg permit process with OCPS, they also gave it to us gratis!


Digging ditches isn’t fancy, but it’s essential to bring life to our future plants. Digging ditches in July in Central Florida…not on the top of too many people’s list? These two guys worked tirelessly, in the heat of the muggy burning hot day. Amalie and I brought them so much water, lunch, Gatorade…all gone! They WORKED.


We are so humbled by the team effort and positive work ethic of every single person helping get this garden off the ground! Thank you all ❤

The irrigation project included running a main line from the water source (this will be potable water, which is a good thing since we’re working with kids and they tend to ingest everything, so glad it’s safer than reclaimed water!), down to the main hose bib and timer where it split into two zones. Zone 1 is going to run the future sprayers on the future blueberry bushes (another generous donation for future post); as well as the eight raised beds sprayers. We chose sprayers for the beds, but most likely will swap those out for a low-maintenance snake drip system to use water more effectively and with less over-spray/waste.  Zone 2 will be the bubblers watering the future fruit trees (another post for another time, a generous donation by Windermere Garden Club) located behind the pergola.






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