Last week we got the email we had waited two years for. I think it was a Tuesday morning and I had just threw a load in the washer. In the kitchen, carrots and cheese were going on a snack tray for my toddler. My older two kids were in school, so it was a quiet catch up day for me; nothing on my calendar (surprisingly/thankfully). It was the perfect anticlimactic setting.

Two years of waiting, and then, there it was. No trumpet sounded. No parade. Just a blue light flashed on my Samsung, a standard notification setting. I had a message.

“Orange County Public Schools has issued a certificate of occupancy to The Learning Garden at Windermere Elementary School. ”

I read it a few times, to be sure I didn’t miss another hoop to jump through or form to complete or inspection to schedule. Exhale……big smile …and I looked at my toddler eating carrots…He will never know his future school without a garden. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!




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