March 16th, 2016

We have been so blessed by community partners during this endeavor to build a school garden. One such person truly went above and beyond, showing his true character, making good on a promise to us when it was of no benefit to himself.

Pergola Depot here in central Florida agreed to a generous donation of a 20′ x 20′ cedar pergola kit called “The Big Kahuna“. This will be used as shade for an outdoor classroom, where students can sit and listen to instruction, a story/lesson, whatever. He agreed to the donation ages and ages back (when we were optimistic and naive about this process) and in March 2016 he called Amalie to tell her he was selling his business! Panic! However, he wanted to make good on his offer by shipping us the wood for the pergola asap. Whew…what a good decent person.

We scrambled to make arrangements with the school, and FedEx, and find any warm bodies available to help us unload the raw wood from the truck! There was no ramp, just long beams to be carried off the FedEx truck and placed on a tarp in the dirt. Thankfully, our angels were looking out for us by sending lots of school PE teachers, and our children, and then PTA president Sue Ann Reichard. We pulled together, flip flops, dresses, sans gloves and just got the job done. This is why I love our community of Windermere! Go Mustangs!







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